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Your body regenerates cells even in sensitive areas, and this process sometimes needs a boost. Cliovana stimulates the cells of your vagina to give you a better chance of arousal, less vaginal dryness, and no more painful sex. Cliovana is a holistic and innovative approach to caring for patients who need a better quality of sexual life. Patients who suffer from pelvic and sexual dysfunction will be excited to learn about Cliovana, a treatment that offers innovative action in sexual healthcare needs.

  • Cliovana uses soundwave technology that has been used successfully for all types of health issues. The use of soundwave technology for clitoral stimulation has come from years of study, testing, and experience with penis tissue.
  • Cliovana is painless and safe. The treatment is non-invasive and designed to work without lasers, probes, needles, numbing creams, freezing, or surgery. Cliovana’s sound wave technology is an innovative and revolutionary system used by certified practitioners.
  • The system is quick and easy, and each session only lasts about 10 minutes. However, it takes four sessions over two weeks to fully gain the effects of Cliovana.
  • Treatments are consistent. They result in heightened sensation and strength of orgasms. Results are immediate and intensify over three months. Effects last for at least one year or more. You can sustain the treatment’s results with annual revitalization sessions.
  • There is no downtime. The treatment is 100% non-invasive and uses no probes, burning, or needles. You do not need to undergo laser treatments, surgery, and there is no freezing of delicate tissues.

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