Sexual HealthVida Bella AestheticsVida Bella Med Spa Erectile dysfunction

What Is ED and what a Med Spa can do for its Treatment ?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) refers to the inability to obtain or maintain a hard enough erection to engage in sexual activity. It is occasionally referred to as impotence; however, this phrase is used less frequently these days. It’s not uncommon for people to experience ED on a sporadic basis.  However, frequent ED can indicate the presence…

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CliovanaVida Bella Aesthetics Cliovana vaginal dryness

Cliovana: A painless treatment for Vaginal Dryness

Intimacy is critical to most men and women’s overall happiness. It may be challenging to address sexual health issues, and many individuals never feel comfortable getting therapy, which leaves them unhappy, worried, and unfulfilled. This can even result in a breakdown of the person’s bond with their partner. Satisfying intercourse is critical for general physical…

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Microcurrent FacialsSkin treatmentVida Bella Med Spa Microcurrent

Why are microcurrent facials the anti-aging skincare innovation on everyone’s wishlist?

Anyone who is up to date with the latest trend knows how fast the beauty industry is changing and innovating. Every day a new beauty product or service is introduced to the public. If you are one of those trendy people, you might have heard of Microcurrent, an anti-aging skincare innovation.  This facial treatment has…

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Peptide therapyVida Bella Aesthetics Peptides

Peptides For Building Muscle: Do They Work, And Are They Safe?

Peptide Therapy is a considerable breakthrough discovered by scientists and researchers, in short, humankind. A human’s body has a fantastic ability to adapt to changes, thus can heal when injured. However, some people need more time and effort than the usual production. Luckily, there’s Peptide Therapy.  Muscle regeneration and healing medicine is a pivotal step…

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